Appalachian Home Watch is an absentee home owner service that care for the client homes in Cherokee County and surrounding area. We are not an alarm company or a private security service,we are a home watch/check service only. Most residents both full and part-time have a good idea of what can happen in our mountain home community that can have an adverse affect on your home or property if not detected and corrected immediately. Many things can occur during your absence,like storm damage,in home pests,moisture and mold issues disrupted or leaky plumbing,electrical issues,break-ins and vandalism.Appalachian Home Watch exists to watch and care for your home when you're not there.Whether you're on vacation,a part-time resident,an owner of rental property or a recreational vehicle owner,you want to protect your investment by making sure your home is inspected and taken care of while it's empty. Our regular inspection completed at regular intervals can make your home looked lived in and secure during any season. Our reports are timely,detailed,and include date and time,photos of any concerns or just the current state of your property. Appalachian Home Watch is locally owned business. As a Real Estate Broker and owner of Creekside Realty I have preformed this task many times for my clients over the years giving them the peace of mind that there home was secure with no issues. Call or email me today and I will be glad to start your Home Watch.Dale Creason/Owner   828-275-5530 or